What is cybersecurity?

Computer security consists in protecting a computer system against any violation, intrusion, degradation or theft of data within the information system. With the rise of the Internet, and the use by the majority of companies and organizations of computerized processes, the threats aimed at information systems have continued to increase and become more sophisticated, making computer security a necessity for all types of structure.

Why is cybersecurity very important?

In 2017, cyber attacks with takeover had known an increase of 170%. Since then, the number of attacks that threaten businesses has continued to grow exponentially. Although the consequences of cyberattacks are disastrous (closure of companies already in trouble, loss of opportunity, loss of revenue, loss of image), they have become increasingly commonplace. According to a Cisco global study conducted in 2020 and called “Future of Secure Remote Work”:

  • For 85% of respondents, cybersecurity is more important than before COVID-19,
  • For 66% of respondents, the situation is expected to result in increased cybersecurity investments.

IT data is at the heart of how a company operates. That’s why it is now the number one target for hackers, especially through ransomware attacks. If companies do not have a solid backup policy in place, they will not be able to recover files encrypted by cybercriminals, and paying the ransom does not guarantee that the decryption key will be obtained. These attacks, which have become commonplace, should make managers aware that protecting their information systems is essential.

Which IT security service should I choose?

IT security : preventive actions Preventive actions are the first actions to implement to ensure the IT security of your company. They allow to reduce the number of vulnerabilities, intrusions, hacking attempts and data losses.

Cybersecurity solutions:

  • User awareness:
  • The implementation of protection tools:
  • Having an efficient, up-to-date and secure information system:
  • The computer security audit :
  • Better control of electronic messaging with a hosted messaging system:
  • Computer security: curative actions

In the event of an incident, intrusion or contamination of workstations or data, the company must be ready to respond to an emergency situation and to deal with it.

Several cybersecurity services are available:

  • BCP (Business Continuity Plan) / BRP (Business Recovery Plan)
  • Cleaning up malware and restoring the information system to working order
  • Support in the event of a ransomware attack
  • Data backup