15 templates to create your mobile app

You want to create a mobile application? By opting for a template, you don’t start from scratch, and above all you benefit from a complete set of customization options, making your application unique: you can easily modify the text, colors, CSS styles, imagery, etc.
Since these templates are already approved for iOS and Android, you can easily make your app available in the appropriate app store.
Moreover, depending on the template you choose, you have the possibility to enhance your application with a wide range of additional features. The basic or extended functionality provided with the template depends on the type of template you have chosen.
If you are lost in the growing choice of templates available on the market, choose one of the designs below to design your application.

Popular Android application templates

1. Universal Android App, to create all types of applications

One of the best and most popular templates for applications running on Android is Universal Android App.
This application allows users to create just about any kind of application they want based on many sources such as blogs, social network timelines (the template supports the most popular web content sources, such as WordPress, YouTube, Facebook), RSS feeds, playlists or web pages… bringing them together in an easily customizable application.
It is WooCommerce compatible, you can make an application for streaming audio, video…

The price : At the moment, the template is in promo in 14$, against 29 in normal time for a simple license.

2. MaterialX, a multifunctional template with a professional look

MaterialX is another “multipurpose” template, whose user interface can accommodate any application project you want to develop. It is designed with the perspective of giving applications a professional look by providing its users with different Android Studio UI templates and design elements ready to use.
With MaterielX, you can design an application of any type, very easily. Its features are numerous, and include grid, list or tabbed views, a home-made media player, importing social media timelines. It is also possible to make purchases, for example.

The price: MaterialX is available for 25€.

3. Material Design Templates, a pack of 200 mobile templates

Material Design Templates is a pack that includes no less than 200 UI templates, with all the reusable components you’ll need to create great applications.
It prides itself on offering screens that are “user experience driven, interaction ready and pixel perfect”. Its range of screens and components includes login/registration, image galleries, text views, a menu, various search bars, profile, etc.

Price: The best part? Besides the hot promo at the time of writing (2€ instead of 30€), all the components and layouts are functional with older versions of Android.

4. My Social Network, the template to create your mobile social network

Built directly in Android Studio, My Social Network allows users to create their own social network application in which they can, of course, post messages, read messages posted by their friends, have a private, real-time conversation, and more.
The server part, built on object-oriented PHP with a MySQL database, is done quickly in a few steps.

The price: Building your own social network will cost you 40$.

5. Dating App, the template to create your dating app

After social network, dating app? Dating App template is all you need if you want to try your hand at creating your own dating app. Designed by the same developer as My Social Network, this template is also built on Android Studio.
Users can sign up with Facebook, comment, like, reply and send gifts, see potential “matches” nearby, make in-app purchases, send real-time direct messages (with photos), and of course they can block other users.
Administrators have a moderation function for photos and user accounts.

The price: It will cost you 32$!

6. MyMap, the application template with GPS function

This Android application was designed from the start with GPS in mind: users who want to can track and locate their friends or family by sending location requests. Once the request is accepted, everyone can see each other’s real-time location on their MyMap app.
This application can be used for many purposes, such as tracking stolen phones, monitoring a transportation company’s fleet, in a family setting, etc.

Price: The template is priced at 39€.

7. Your Videos Channel, the application template to broadcast your videos

Simple but effective : you are a YouTuber, or a videographer ? Your Videos Channel may interest you to create an application dedicated to the playback of your videos or a collection of videos of your choice. The application, which is integrated with YouTube, uses PHP MySQL for administration and can manage an unlimited number of categories and video uploads.

The price: The application is offered from 19€ as long as it remains free to download.

8. E-commerce, the template to create your online sales application

If you’re looking to create a mobile app for your online store and are looking for an Android mobile app template, look to E-Commerce: designed to make it easy to create an ecommerce mobile app, this template provides a good admin panel to set up your store.
You will also be able to create product categories and manage orders efficiently.

The price: The E-commerce template costs only $20.

Popular iOS app templates

9. Universal for iOS, the multi-functional template

The promise of the Universal for iOS app template is to allow its users to create just about any app, pulling content from blogs, social networks, RSS feeds, channels, and web pages, and easily combining them into a customizable app.
Universal for iOS is one of the best selling iOS mobile templates on CodeCanyon. It supports the most popular web resources, like WordPress, YouTube, Facebook, RSS, etc. It also supports AdMob and offers mobile users (do you still say that?) the possibility to remove banner ads through an in-app purchase.
The starter app is entirely Objective-C based and designed for the latest version of iOS. It comes with step-by-step instructions and video tutorials on how to set up your template from scratch.
No knowledge of code is required, so this template is suitable for professionals and beginners alike.

Price: Starting at 29€.

10. Ciyashop, the WooCommerce compatible iOS app template

Do you need to create an application quickly and that is compatible with WooCommerce? The CiyaShop template is the perfect solution for that: whether you are an online store or a marketplace, then this is the app template you need.
The template syncs with your WooCommerce site, supports multiple sellers option, allows push notifications and product delivery tracking.
The best part is that the template also comes in an Android version.

The price: In promotion at the moment, the price goes from 104€ (Android) to 140€ (iOS)

11. WoWonder IOS Messenger, the messaging application template

WoWonder IOS Messenger is a real-time chat template for iOS that allows end users to chat on their cell phones via the app.
Included are the ability to share images and that voice recordings, the ability to control one’s profile privacy settings, and your users also have offline access to all messages and recent conversions.

The price: This lightweight Messenger clone is available from $34.

12. Videon, to broadcast your videos via an iOS app

Videon is a responsive application that allows you to deliver video content to iOS devices. This iOS video template allows you to customize the application and publish videos in the following formats: MP3, MP4, both as self-hosted video or via its YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion link.
Optimized for SEO, Videon works on all modern browsers and supports AdMob banners.

Price: Available from $39.

13. Elite Radio, the radio application template

Elite Radio is a single station radio application that supports SouthCast and IceCast services. Users can purchase the songs they like by clicking on the cover or the name: they will then be directed to premium services like YouTube, Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer or Amazon Music. They can also share the music they listen to through the sharing options on the main social networks.
You can monetize your radio station using Google AdMob.

The price: You can start your own radio station for $25.

14. Webview Builder, to convert your website into a mobile application

Maybe you are just looking to convert your website into an iOS app? That’s what Webview Builder is all about, thanks to Firebase.
The navigation and toolbars created with this template are fully customizable.
Webview Builder supports social login, audio and video playback, camera, deep links, push notifications, GPS location and custom HTML and CSS files, pull-to-refresh…

Pricing: Users can rate and share. AdMob banner ads can be added, for monetization, and the template is available from $29.

15. Superview, the template for iPad and iPhone applications

SuperView is another great app design template for iPhone and iPad. Also used to allow users to easily offer their website encapsulated in a native iOS container, it is very popular.
Users who want to smooth out the Swift language learning curve and the iOS SDK learning curve will appreciate SuperView for its ease of implementation.

Price: Available for only $19

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