11 templates for ranked apps

The success of classifieds sites has only increased in recent years. Indeed, by noticing the craze of Internet users for a site like “Le bon coin”, the theme of classified ads has a bright future ahead.
If you want to create your own classifieds application, you are probably looking for the ideal template to do so.
So here is a list of 11 templates to test to create a successful classifieds app!


This is the most popular classifieds WordPress theme on the market, Classifieds is ideal if you want to launch a local classifieds marketplace. Simply create your own marketplace for users to post ads with photos, descriptions, prices and contact information directly on your app.
Set a specific scope for publishing classifieds. You can also decide who will be able to view or publish the ads by using Classifieds.


This template is exclusively for the real estate market and available on Android and iOS. This mobile application is therefore perfect for real estate agents, agencies and freelancers.
Its user interface is modern, detailed and easy to use. You can customize texts, colors and other components to create your own classifieds application.


This universal and complete template is exclusively available on iOS. You can offer this mobile classifieds application to professionals and individuals.
Users do not need to use a computer to publish and edit their classifieds in complete mobility, an efficient and flexible solution.
Classify is easy to customize and easy to use, for you and for users.


This theme is flexible to use and offers a monetization option. Adforest is available on Android and was designed to help you grow your business.
This template offers many useful features such as a filter to correct incorrect words, Google Maps integration and an expiration date for ads. Adforest also makes it easy for users to reach advertisers with one-click calling.
Very easy to use, you will only need a few customizations to use this template for your business.

Buy and sell

This template is complete and ready to be used for your business. Buy and sell is available for Android and can be configured very quickly and easily. It features a dark and light mode, detailed descriptions of the ads and a clear menu to navigate easily between categories.
It is also possible to integrate promotions to the ads.

Kasovious provides you with a high quality, modern mobile user interface. All the features of this theme are compatible with each other and perfectly customizable. With this template, you can create a very well-designed and easy to modify classifieds site for your business needs.


This template will allow you to easily create a classifieds site, it is responsive and based on Framework7 V2. You will be able to offer users a modern and flexible application with unique icons and pages using this easily customizable template.

Classify Engine

Here is a responsive WordPress template to create your futuristic and custom classified ad site. Classify Engine is highly customizable and easy to use for users. Moreover, it offers powerful built-in design tools. You can create your own classifieds website in a few clicks with powerful and versatile features.


This popular WordPress template also responsive offers many features and was designed to be easy to use. It is a good solution for your business with its active community and a support team to help you if needed.
ClassiPress offers multiple pricing templates with the ability to integrate additional fees to feature ads. This template is also customizable.


This theme meets the specific needs of users with its many customization features. This template allows you to create a classifieds application with lots of content.
ClassiX has a modern design and an optimized user interface. This template is highly customizable and easy to use.


This WordPress theme is said to be the most customizable on the market, with a unique and SEO optimized design. It also has many handy features. This revolutionary theme has been designed to meet the needs of users. With Classiera, you can even create ads in video format!

Test and use one of these 11 templates to create your classifieds app and grow your business. Don’t hesitate to call a professional to help you create an application that suits your business needs.

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