10 ideas for mobile apps to develop

In an era where mobile app development touches every aspect of our lives, apps are the best way to develop new horizons for your business. It is also a very effective marketing tool.
Finding the idea that will make millions is not easy. The concept of the application is the most important part of success, right after finding the talented mobile developer who will make your wildest aspirations come true (on Coder.com, of course).
Can’t think of any original ideas for your app? Here are some project ideas you can borrow.

1. Grocery delivery application

With the outbreak of coronavirus, grocery delivery applications are on the rise.
While big companies like Amazon have gotten into the food delivery business, we’ve also seen the migration of many local stores to online platforms. This ensures one thing: there is a large market you can take.
Specialize in selling organic/natural groceries, or focus on selling frozen, fragile products (seafood for example). There is bound to be an area that no one has thought of yet…

2. Toy exchange application

Those who have children at home know how much space toys take up and how quickly children, as they grow up, change their interests. Soon the house will be a mess full of toys that nobody uses anymore…
So the next idea for a mobile application is to develop a platform where parents could sell their old toys, or even trade them with others: trading may be a better idea, because your child will be happy with a new toy and won’t be sad to lose the old one (which happens even if he didn’t use it anymore, parents know what I’m talking about…)
Parents will easily destock old toys and can save money by not having to buy new toys.

3. Find a parking space” application

Developed or developing, the city is a densely populated space, which makes space the most valuable asset of a city. How about an app to find a parking space in the city?
The app could leverage GPS and traffic analysis data from Google and related services to locate and suggest the most appropriate parking spaces.
Parking could also be suggested in advance on days of festivals, unusual events, accidents, or other special events. This mobile app idea can indeed take advantage of the latest advances in mobile apps and gain many followers.

4. Application to search for members of your band for musicians

Here’s an app that looks like a job search for musicians. Band members looking for a position, whether it’s a singer, drummer or guitarist, can find it here.
Of course, musicians who want to join a band can search the various bands registered on the app and choose the ones they want to join.

5. Scan to buy” applications

This type of application allows its user to scan the items they want and find them (or their closest substitute) on online stores in order to buy them instantly.
And why not imagine the reverse, search an online site to find the product in the user’s geographical proximity?

6. Hub for school supplies

At the end of each school year, students are left with their old books and tools, many of them no longer needed.
For example, when there is a change of course, many school supplies are left with the students. If there were a way to redistribute their old books and other tools (such as tools needed for geometry), other students could use them.
Someone to create a mobile app that can collect these school supplies, to make them available to students in need?

7. An application to help tourists

The most popular areas of the country are already known to visitors. This tourist helper app could connect them with locals eager to showcase the hidden gems that don’t usually get the attention they deserve.
Users will be able to enrich their stay in unexpected ways, culturally and humanly speaking.

8. The application that makes your wishes come true

People make a lot of resolutions for the new year and almost never follow them. These can be good decisions, like learning new things, reading more books, traveling or taking care of your health. But these decisions often don’t last more than a month: I stopped making them, personally…
Maybe things would be different if I could find constant motivation to achieve my wishes. When someone is motivated on a daily basis, human nature allows him or her to achieve any kind of goal.
If an application could continually remind us to aim for this or that goal, perhaps we would manage to keep our good resolutions? We can also imagine features that allow us to set intermediate goals. And of course, congratulatory messages when a goal is reached or about to be reached!

9. The application that finds a song for your mood

It may be of interest to music lovers, of which I am one, and I hope there are many of us in this case: the music a person listens to depends on his mood: the type of music one listens to when working will be different from the music one listens to when partying.
In fact, it depends on the mood of the person, the type of activity he or she is doing and of course his or her musical taste. So why not an application that would identify the user’s state of mind and suggest appropriate music?

10. The application that finds a movie according to your mood

We can imagine the same application, but for movies. If an application can suggest movies according to the user’s mood, the user can avoid having to choose from endless lists of movies…

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