Study: mobile commerce is on the rise

Consumers are increasingly using their smartphones to make online purchases.
This is what we learn from a study by the Mobile Marketing Association, which provides an overview of mobile commerce in France and around the world.
Enlightening figures for e-tailers who must more than ever integrate the mobile into their strategy.

One third of digital transactions are made on mobile

This first graph illustrates the growing importance of mobile for online purchases:

If France is still far behind other countries such as Japan or the United Kingdom, the fact remains that one third of digital transactions take place on mobile.

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In-app purchases are doing well

In-app purchases, i.e. purchases made from a mobile application, are also doing very well in our countries:
study on mobile commerce

In fact, France ranks 4th (and 3rd in Europe) for the amount of in-app purchases, which reached a value of $705 million over the year 2017.

Smartphone use in physical stores

Digital is not necessarily in contradiction with buying in physical stores – witness practices such as web to store – and the French widely use their mobile in points of sale :
study on mobile commerce

  • 40% of smartphone users have taken a product photo;
  • 33% have sent a product photo to a loved one;
  • 27% use their device to compare product prices;
  • 24% have ever texted or called a loved one about a product;
  • 24% use their smartphone to geo-locate a store.

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Mobile Payment

In parallel with the use of smartphones to make purchases, mobile contactless payment and payment applications have developed strongly:
study on mobile commerce

Thus, 2, 1 million French people now pay by mobile (almost 2 times more than in 2015).

Feel free to take a look at the full infographic below:

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