7 strategies for using mobile marketing to your advantage

Most companies have invested resources in making sure that the mobile experience for users is as usable as possible.
And, overall, this effort is paying off: 16% of purchases are made on mobile. Admittedly, this percentage is 2.6 times lower than on desktop, but it is increasing year after year. And your company has plenty of room for improvement!
If you’re looking for ideas to improve your mobile conversion, here are 7 strategies to implement.

1. Publish more videos

According to a Wyzowl report, 90% of Internet users watch videos on their mobile device, compared to 60% on a computer. Offering your prospects more videos will encourage them to visit your website from their smartphone.
If you add call-to-actions, you can easily redirect visitors into your conversion tunnel and increase your sales on mobile.

2. Get started with SMS Marketing

SMS campaigns are 7 times more effective than emailing operations. In addition, 90% of mobile device users enrolled in SMS loyalty programs rate their experience as positive.
SMS Marketing is therefore an excellent way to convince your prospects, but also make your customers return to your website for a new purchase.

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3. Develop your own mobile application

According to ComScore’s 2018 “Global Digital Future in Focus” report, 80% of time spent on mobile is dedicated to apps. A global percentage that varies from region to region: in France, the time spent on apps is close to 89%.
So, if you haven’t already done so, it’s time to hire a developer capable of coding an ergonomic, useful and efficient mobile application for your business!

4. Enable push notifications

With your mobile application, you can set up push messages. You know, those bubbles that pop up on the screen of your prospects’ or customers’ smartphones. These messages offer many benefits on your conversion rate, as shown in this data from a LeanPlum report:

  • Notifications drive 9.6 times more users to make a purchase than customers who did not receive a message.
  • Promotional notifications increase in-app spending by 16%: push messages prove to be effective tools for cross-selling in-app purchases.
  • Promotional notifications sent in the late afternoon lead to 2.7 times more purchases.

5. Optimize your email marketing strategy

Email remains the preferred means of communication between consumers and businesses, according to a study by Sncd. Yet, 61% of buyers read their emails on their smartphone and 76% of them say they have already ordered a product or a service by clicking on a link in a newsletter.
Every week, send your news, promotions and good deals to your customers and prospects. You will surely get a better sales rate from mobile.

6. Leverage mobile ads

Advertise on mobile, in applications and games that identify your core target. Also use social network advertising, making sure to broadcast your campaign only on mobiles. You will convince users to install your application or visit your website more easily!

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7. Adopt Bluetooth marketing

Bluetooth marketing allows you to send a notification to users who are within a specific perimeter, provided that they have activated the Bluetooth function of their smartphone. This strategy is used around points of sale or during a specific event, to promote an offer, your website, your mobile application, etc.

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