How to create a mobile game in 10 steps

On the stores, one out of every two applications downloaded is a mobile game. Create a mobile game generally offers the best return on investment.

Promotional video games can also be a very good marketing tool. It’s not surprising that many companies want to expand into this market, but don’t always know how to get started with the creation of a mobile game.

1. A good idea above all

Of course, the first step in creating a mobile game is to find a good idea. How do you come up with good ideas? Start with a simple observation. If we take the simple example of a mobile sports game. Many designers have come to the conclusion that it is easy to create one by avoiding the tedious step of explaining the rules.

When talking about bowling for example not everyone knows the nuances between a split, a turkey or a spare, but everyone knows the goal of the game: to knock down all the pins. It remains classic but effective.

This example shows that when creating a first mobile game, it’s a good idea to be pragmatic and set realistic goals. If your first bowling game went well, why not go further? And offer a second and then a third more sophisticated mobile game on Play Store or Apple Store.

2. Know the market

Once a good idea is confirmed, it is important to check that the proposed game stands out from the competition. Use a magnifying glass to look at the market, in this case the video games on the Play Store And draw the necessary conclusions.

Searching in the Google database, you can come to the conclusion that the type of mobile video game you are proposing does not exist much on smartphones and tablets. If this is the case, then there is not a very organized universe associated with it.

However, you should avoid the trap of having your game look like an already existing successful one. You can then use your imagination and allow yourself almost any craziness. Therefore, it is important to incorporate a good dose of fun into the creating your mobile video game.

3. Find mobile game developers

Make sure you surround yourself with the right people when embarking on the mobile video game creation project. The right people are the ones who have the skills you don’t have. Everyone has a naturally defined and very specific role. Everyone brings their own skills and expertise.

Dealing with technical details, having the spirit of analysis and synthesis, knowing how to give artistic advice requires the support of experienced people capable of managing the design of a mobile video game in its entirety.

Surrounding yourself with different people opens the door to broader perspectives, new ideas and, most importantly, more diverse skills. In this sense, calling on a freelance video game developer brings the extra expertise you need. provides you with the most talented developers in the field.

4. Choose the right programming language

There are many solutions for creating mobile games, but not all of them are suitable for every type of project. The choices you make will directly affect the performance of a mobile game and the user experience.

The HTML language has multiple advantages in application development. This also applies to the creation of mobile games. The HTML language is compatible with several platforms, so a single development is sufficient for create a mobile game that can run on both Android and iOS. The design and testing phases take less time, resulting in substantial savings.

Several mobile game creation tools are also as 3D Unit. The well-known game, Assassin`s Creed Infinity was developed with Unity 3D. It is an excellent program for those who want to create video games for several platforms, although Android is the one that has created the most mobile games with Unity 3D.

5. Stand out with graphics

The mobile game whose design is not worked attracts very few players. It is therefore essential to have a visual universe that encourages players to linger on it. Graphics are one of the essential elements of any video game. Good graphics contribute more than anything else to a player’s immersion in the game world.

Graphics always attract players’ interest with a unique style. Of course, one should not be persuaded that a game is successful only by an attractive design. Some famous games, like MinecraftThey have demonstrated this and relied instead on a very big communication campaign.

However, the visual aspect is the first thing that players discover when they play your game. It is therefore not to be neglected.

6. Provide a winning user experience

As we have seen, graphics, even if important, are not everything. Making the player dependent is a major axis on which it is essential to work. This way you guarantee to have loyal players who will enjoy talking about it around them.

The mobile players do not have the same habits as PC gamers. The games must be simple and must meet a demand for fun. The levels should be easy. It is important to be able to progress in a video game without blocking the player from the first levels. This is a mistake that could take away all interest from the player.

7. Testing your mobile game: the key to success


Your video game is now ready. You have completed all the steps and you are ready to publish it on Play Store or Apple Store.

The first players download it and the user feedback exposes gameplay issues. You address and fix the issues, but the first reviews remain and that’s what your video game and your reputation are all about.

To avoid this kind of inconvenience, test your mobile game and test it again is a step that should not be missed. All errors should be eliminated before startup so that the current application does not need to be restarted, thus avoiding a negative increase in value on the market.

This takes a little more time, but you can publish a bug-free mobile game and with a good user experience feedback. A satisfaction of the players which can bring you a growing success.

8. Monetize your mobile video game

Developing a game for smartphones can sometimes be expensive. And since it’s a big investment, you need to make it pay off. A monetization strategy is then an important part of any mobile game project. What are the options available?

  • In-app purchases or in-app purchases In-app purchases are the most popular way to monetize your game. Few Android users make an in-app purchase, but it remains one of the most effective choices for generating revenue with a mobile game.
  • In-app advertising In-app advertising: multiple apps combine advertising with in-app purchases. However, you should be careful not to let ads disrupt your game, as they can degrade the user experience and degrade the success of your app.
  • You can offer players a trial version, but they will have to pay to play the game in a premium version.
  • Paid downloads This option is mainly used in games that require a high development cost. Generally, the amounts charged are minimal. If you are going to create a mobile game on Android, you should know that users are less likely to pay to download a mobile game, which is not the case for iOS users. That’s why many mobile games are paid on iOS, but free on Android.

9. Encourage your players to get to know you

In a saturated market, nothing builds or breaks a good reputation faster than customer reviews. Word of mouth is the best way to generate buzz and word of mouth is now virtual through social networks.

So, How do you get players to talk about your mobile game? An example might be a sponsorship system to share. The more the player sponsors, the more virtual currency he accumulates to advance in the game and which will be added to that earned by his scores. A simple and effective way to get people talking about your game and who better to talk about it than the player himself?

This does not prevent, of course, tobeing very active on social networks and spread the news, tips and any other communication around your mobile game.

10. Support the launch of your mobile game

Your mobile game is launched. You have the first downloads. That’s great, but the adventure doesn’t end there.

Growing, progressing, keeping users on their toes, and keeping them happy are all important issues. Your reputation and the way you support it are at stake.
Updates must be scheduled, innovations made. That’s how you’ll be able to evolve in a fast-paced world where players navigate through thousands of mobile game offerings every day.


All of these steps are important and each one contributes to being able to launch you into the creating a game for mobile. But for your game to make sense, to be the image you have of it, to meet your expectations, the choice of an experienced developer is essential.

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